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Leonard Leakey Hofstadter, PhD.
Leonard Leakey Hofstadter, PhD.
NameLeonard Leakey Hofstadter, PhD.
OccupationExperimental physicist
ActorJohnny Galecki
Johnny Galecki Biography
Character Profile

NOTE: Edited from Wikipedia:

Leonard is a experimental physicist from Caltech who rooms with Sheldon in their apartment building. He keeps a whiteboard in their living room on which he works on particle physics. His work often includes the use of lasers, such as a helium-neon laser or free electron laser, and his research topics have varied from Bose-Einstein condensates to soft cosmic rays at sea level. Leonard is indicated to be proficient in literature and history as well as the sciences; he is able to solve a crossword puzzle in seconds, the answers being mostly literature based, e.g. Vladimir Nabokov. Leonard's IQ is 173 (it is stated by Leonard that their combined IQ is 360 and, in a later episode, Sheldon reveals his IQ is 187). Leonard was born c. 1980. He was twenty-four years old when he received his Ph.D.
He usually wears his characteristic black framed glasses, even if in costume, neutral colored sweat jackets, brown or red pants, and t-shirts with a physics theme. He is lactose intolerant, which frequently is the subject of digestive humor in the show. One of his personal affects is holding his head high when he speaks. Leonard feels at home with his genius colleagues, but wants more socially. After they first meet, Leonard is reluctant to let Penny know about his recreational activities (such as Klingon Boggle) as he doesn't like to be seen as a nerd. He also dislikes his friends' habit of rattling off different trivial facts, something to which all the other geniuses enjoy both listening and participating.
Sweet but sarcastic, as well as shy and a bit neurotic, Leonard also seems to be the most well-adjusted one of the group; he is quick to try new things apart from his nerd friends and, between Sheldon and him, is the only one who feels that he "should do something" when Penny begins to recount her recent breakup. When Sheldon is upset about Penny staying with them, he once states he would ask Leonard to leave the apartment if he could afford it. Despite his attempts to reject his nerd status, Leonard certainly is one, with his Star Wars hygiene products, expansive Superman collection (including underwear), and Battlestar Galactica flight suit, and his ability to blurt out the wrong things in front of women, such as when he's trying to invite Penny to lunch and mentions that curry is a natural laxative.
He falls head over heels for Penny within seconds of spotting her and while at first it seems like lust rather than love, by the end of the pilot episode he has already announced to Sheldon, "our babies will be smart and beautiful." Sheldon, however, is quick to add, "not to mention imaginary." At the season one finale, he and Penny have their first date. Though both are skeptical, Leonard ends up giving Penny a very passionate kiss. A serious relationship is hampered by insecurities between the two, but a year after that first date, Leonard and Penny start a relationship (September 2009). They break up the following May.

Leonard is named after Nobel prize winner Robert Hofstadter, actor/producer Sheldon Leonard, and famed archeologist Louis Leakey, whom his father had worked with. Leonard's mother is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist. He has a younger brother Michael and an unnamed older sister.

Leonard collects comic books, action figures, and geeky memorabilia of all sorts, including a Bat Signal, a model of the Bottle City of Kandor, a Battlestar Galactica flight suit, and a Darth Vader Voice Changer. He uses Darth Vader shampoo and Luke Skywalker conditioner. At one point, he bought a full-sized replica of the time machine from the movie of the same name. Besides watching various science fiction, anime, and fantasy films together, he and his friends engage in kite fighting, play online fantasy games, and other games such as Talisman, Jenga, and Mystic Warlords of Ka'a.


Leonard Hofstadter

Full name: Dr. Leonard Leaky Hofstadter MSc, PhD.

Alternate name(s):Little humunculous

Nickname(s): Lenny (Kurt)
Screen name(s):

Gender: male






Current address:

2311 N. Los Robles Ave.
Apt 4A
Pasadena, CA

Work and Education

Profession: Experimental physicist

Position(s): Caltech Department of Physics


Education: Master's Degree, PhD


Family and Relationships


Mother: Dr. Beverly Hofstadter


Older brother
Older sister
Other family:

Pet(s): dog: Mitzi (deceased)



Best friend: Sheldon
Girlfriends: Penny, Leslie Winkle, Joyce Kim, Dr Stephanie Barnett, Priya Koothrappali
Boss: Eric Gabelhauser
Online "friends":

Appearance and Mannerisms


Appearance according to others:


Catch phrase:



Food preferences: Leonard is lactose intolerant (0101) and can't eat melons (0404).

Skills and Abilities


Languages spoken: English, Klingon


Games: mental games in the car,
Collects: comic books, action figures
Sports: Paintball, bowling, kite fighting


Leonard was born in 1980 (date uncertain, but likely).

At age 10, he built himself a hugging machine to compensate for the lack of affection he received from his mother (0215).

He received his PhD when he was 24 (0109).

Leonard moves in with Sheldon in 2003. Shortly after this he meets and breaks up with Joyce Kim and accidentally destroys the elevator in the building when a rocket fuel experiment goes wrong. Sheldon saves Leonard's life in this incident (0322).

Leonard and Penny have a single date in May 2008.

Leonard has a short-lived but intense relationship with Dr Stephanie Barnett in 2009.

In the Show

First appeared: unaired first pilot

Missed episodes: none

Actor: Johnny Galecki

Name source: Sheldon Leonard, American film and television producer, director, writer, and actor

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