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An up and coming young actress who moves into the apartment directly above Sheldon and Leonard in March 2009. Alicia is shallow and condescending, not above using people to get what she wants.

Alicia plays on the fact that Leonard, Howard, and Raj are obviously attracted to her to get them to do everything from hook up her stereo to paint her bedroom. Penny, who becomes somewhat jealous of the boys' attention to Alicia, complains to Sheldon that Alicia is using the other guys, even noting that she got Howard to drive to Orange County to pick up her television, at which point Sheldon reminds her that she got him and Leonard to drive to her ex-boyfriend's apartment to get her television and they ended up getting pantsed (0101). She told him that the situation was different.

After a few days of this, Alicia blatantly asks Penny in the laundry room how much physicists make. Penny is shocked, but says "Not a lot", and Alicia's response clearly shows that she had no respect for the guys at all. When Penny tries to warn Alicia about not taking advantage of them, Alicia suggests that Penny is just using the guys too. As a result, Penny and Alicia get into a huge fight which spills into the lobby and results in Penny getting a black eye and split lip. We never see what sort of injuries Alicia suffered, but soon after she is upstairs with a producer from C.S.I., a show on which she's been given the role of a dead prostitute. Penny quips, "Dead whore on TV, live one in real life."

Alicia is played by Valerie Azlynn.

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