Oshikuru: Demon Samurai

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Anime television show which Leonard and Sheldon were watching. Penny watched it with them, but wasn't impressed.

According to the credits, the show they were watching was really "Boogiepop Phantom"

This fictional anime production was also mentioned in an episode of "Two and A Half Men" (also a Chuck Lorre production) in which "Jake was helping Charlie write a theme song for 'Oshikuru: Demon Samurai'...." [1].

The theme song Charlie wrote for Oshikuru in "Two and A Half Men" was shallow and corny, with the lyrics:

Oh Oh Oh, Oshikuru,
Oh-Oh-Oh, Oshikuru,  
My-O-My He's a ... 
Demon Samurai ... 
Who's the guy who had to die?

Jake was familiar with OshiKuru and his dark origins and chastised Charlie for producing a song that didn't reflect the character. He worked with Charlie to write a better version. This resulted in a bonding between the two as they struggled through the exhaustive creative process to produce a work that was truly reflective of the character of Oshikuru, Demon Samurai.

Charlie submitted both theme song versions to the television network, and the network chose Charlie's original corny version.

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