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Sheldon and Leonard have a roommate agreement that frequently is quoted to dissolve conflicts (0206, 0210, 0315, 0322).

The following clauses have been revealed so far:


Known Clauses

Skynet clause (0206)

Specifies what happens if:

  • one friend needs help to destroy an artificial intelligence he's created and that's taking over Earth.

Body Snatchers clause (0206)

Specifies what happens if:

  • one friend needs help to destroy someone they know who's been replaced with an alien pod.

Godzilla clause (0206)

Specifies what happens if:

  • someone threatens to destroy Tokyo.

Over-night guests notification clause (0406)

  • There has to be a 24-hour notice if a non-related female will stay over night (0321)

Article 1, Section 3 (0210)

  • call for an emergency meeting

Section 7, subsection B (0421)

  • No.9 "The right to bathroom privacy is suspended in the event of force majeure"(0421)
  • The shower can have at most one occupant, except in the event of an attack by water soluble aliens. (0421)

Section 8: “visitors”, subsection C: “females”, paragraph 4: “coitus” (0322)

  • “Roommates shall give each other 12 hours notice of impending coitus.”

Section: “television and movies” (0322)

  • “Roommates agree that Friday nights shall be reserved for watching Joss Whedon's brilliant new series Firefly.”

Section 9: “miscellany” (0322)

  • “The apartment's flag is a gold lion rampant on a field of azure” and should never fly upside down—unless the apartment’s in distress. (0322)
  • If one of the roommates ever invents time travel, the first stop has to aim exactly five seconds after this clause of the Roommate Agreement was signed. (0322)

Section 74, C (0402)

  • The various obligations and duties of the parties in the event one of them becomes a robot.

Addendum J (0421)

  • "When Sheldon showers second, any and all measures shall be taken to ensure an adequate supply of hot water." (0421)

Unspecified Clauses

  • Since the “Sweaty Night of 06”, Sheldon has control of the thermostat in the apartment (0302), which was later confirmed by Leonard and is set at 71 degrees (0322)
  • Leonard has the right “to allocate fifty percent of the cubic footage of the common areas”, but only if Sheldon is notified in advance by e-mail. (0322)
  • “Pets are banned under the roommate agreement, with the exception of service animals“ like cybernetically-enhanced helper monkeys (0321)
  • "Thursday nights are Franconi's Pizza nights." (0421)
  • "The selection of a new take-out restaurant requires public hearings and a 60-day comment period." (0421)

Controversial Clauses

Sheldon states that the Roommate Agreement contains a clause that all ties will be settled by him. Leonard affirmed this, but underlined that he didn’t sign that clause, while Sheldon argues that whilst Leonard disagreed, he agreed, so, the tie clause is made valid. (0322)

New Roommate Agreement

Not much is known about the new roommate agreement, as it was implemented in "The Agreement Disection"(0421). This was due to Priya finding the faults in the old roommate agreement. Even though it hasn't been specifically referenced yet, it would be a safe assumption that the agreement is similar, with some loopholes removed.

Friendship Rider

Appendix C - Future commitments (0315)

  • No.37 "In the event one friend is ever invited to visit the Large Hadron Collider, now under construction in Switzerland, he shall invite the other friend to accompany him." (0315)

It is further specified what happens, if:

  • one friend gets super powers (he will name the other one as his sidekick) (0210, 0315)
  • one friend is bitten by a Zombie (the other can't kill him even if he turned) (0315)
  • one friend wins a MacArthur grant (0315)
  • one friend gets invited to go swimming at Bill Gate's house (he will take the other friend to accompany him) (0315)

Sheldon's commitments:

  • Sheldon no longer stages spontaneous biohazard drills after 10 p.m. (0315)

Cohabitation Rider

Gets activated when Leonard starts "living with" a girlfriend in the apartment. (0210)

"A girlfriend shall be deemed "living with" Leonard when she has stayed over for A: ten consecutive nights or B: for more than nine nights in a three-week period or C: all the weekends of a given month plus three weeknights."

Upon implementation the clause activates the following provisions:

  • a change in the distribution of shelves in the fridge (instead of Leonard and Sheldon having two separate shelves and one communal shelf, the three parties will then have one individual shelf each and the door becomes communal
  • apartment vacuuming shall be increased from two to three times a week to accommodate the increased accumulation of dead skin cells
  • a change in the bathroom schedule

The girlfriend also has to sign that:

"she does not now nor does she intend to play percussive or brass instruments"

NOTE: In "Large Hadron Collision, Sheldon states that there is nothing in the Roommate Agreement about what should happen when one of them gets a girlfriend because "...that seemed a little far-fetched". As noted above, the Agreement does indeed contain a series of rules and procedures which come into play when one of the friends gets a girlfriend. This could be seen as a continuity error. A plausible explanation, however, is that Sheldon says what he says as a cut on Leonard, knowing full well that he's not telling the truth. Since the whole girlfriend section of the agreement appears to be a "rider", which means something added to the original which often doesn't directly connect to it, Sheldon could be technically correct: the Agreement itself doesn't contain anything about what happens if one of them gets a girlfriend. It could also be said that Sheldon drafted and passed-with Leonard's initials- an amendment to the Roommate Agreement which addressed the unlikelihood of either of them getting a girlfriend.

Breaks of the Roommate Agreement

  • Although pets are banned under the roommate agreement (0321, see Unspecified Clauses), in September 2010 Sheldon bought a bunch of cats after he and Amy went their separate ways. Leonard doesn't seem to catch this as a break of the roommate agreement (0403). However, Sheldon wasn't entirely in his right mind following the breakup, and in fact gave the cats away after reuniting with Amy. Similarly, Sheldon was emotionally unwell when he brought goldfish into the apartment in order to make them glow in the dark (and succeeded) though this would not count as as breach as they where Goldfish night lights dubbing them a service animal.

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