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Song that Sheldon's Memaw used to sing to Sheldon (whom she called "Moonpie") when he was sick. Sheldon demands that Penny sings it to him when he gets sick in the "Pancake Batter Anomaly". He teaches her the lines:

Soft kitty, warm kitty, E5h C#5 C#5 / D5h B4 B4
little ball of fur, A4 B4 C#5 D5 / E5w
happy kitty, sleepy kitty, E5 E5 C#5 C#5 / D5 D5 B4 B4
purr purr purr. A4h B4h A4h.

When Sheldon locks himself out of his apartment and is forced to stay over night in Penny's apartment he feels home sick and can't fall asleep. He demands that Penny sings the song to him, explaining that being "homesick is a type of sick". It seems to work since he falls asleep afterwards (0221).

When Penny discovers Sheldon curled up on his bed, miserable after learning that his friends tampered with his data during the Arctic expedition, she tries singing Soft Kitty to cheer him up. He retorts that he's not sick, he's sad. She apologises for not knowing his "sad song", to which he retorts that he doesn't have a "sad song", since he's not a child (0301).

Penny "takes revenge" when she dislocates her shoulder. She argues that "being injured and drugged is a kind of sick" and makes Sheldon sing the song with her - as a round (0308).

As a "telepresence", Sheldon rolls over to Penny's apartment and asks her to sing Soft Kitty to him. As she does, he plays the recorder in a round (0402).


"Soft Kitty" is a slightly altered version of the children's song "Warm Kitty". The original words were written by Edith Newlin; the tune is credited as an "English folk tune" (MacCarteney 21).


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