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The apartment building in which the stories take place, located at 2311 N. Los Robles Avenue in Pasadena, California. It's located about a block from Pasadena City Hall, which is visible through Sheldon and Leonard's window. The building has at least five floors (0219) and sixteen apartments. The elevator has been broken for the last seven years (0322). The laundry room is in the basement.

Exterior: the building is located in an area of shops, including one which appears to be a furniture or lamp store; the number on the exterior inexplicably says 367 instead of the correct address (0321)

  • First floor – mailboxes, glass front doors, broken elevator.
  • Roof – there is a 3 foot gap to the next building (0114); in May 2010, the guys set up a complex but totally cool experiment on the roof to bounce a laser off of the moon (0323).

At least on the fourth floor, there may be a third apartment across from the elevator, judging by the door visible on the security camera view seen in Bad Fish Paradigm.

Where is the building located?

Here's a wonderful post from the forums by Ottonomy on the subject:

I believe I have pinpointed the building from which those views from the apartment window would have been possible. It's a commercial building owned by Western Asset, its official address 385 E Colorado Blvd (go to the post to see the photo, as viewed from the Colorado & Los Robles Ave side). It's a five story building, and from the back side, one would be able to see the dome of City Hall beyond a tile-roofed apartment building (circled in blue in the photo) in view on the right, about half way between. From this vantage point, looking northwest, some foothills should be in view in the background. The parking lot of Western Asset exits onto Union St, from which the first logical turn to head to CalTech would be southbound onto Euclid Ave.

One of Pasadena's few red light cameras is installed on the corner of Union and Marengo Ave, where Sheldon was caught running the light on the way to the emergency room with Penny. This would be the logical path to Huntington Memorial Hospital from that location.

Los Robles Ave does indeed stop just shy of the fictitious 2311 North address, in the middle of the 2000 block, which is about 20 blocks north of Colorado Blvd.

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