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The timeline of the series is fun to try to work out. While it's clear that the producers are not making an overt attempt to connect individual episodes to the real calendar, it is also apparent that the episodes are sequential and that they do take place approximately when they first are aired. For example, Christmas and Halloween episodes air in December and October. The guys refer to contemporary cultural events, such as the "upcoming Star Trek movie". Also, posters visible on the walls at Caltech give the year which matches the year in which the episode first airs.

Basic timeline (click individual years for more details):


  • Leonard is born (this date is approximate, based on the fact that Leonard received his doctorate at age 24 and that it was then that he moved in with Sheldon, which was 2003)


  • Sheldon is born (or could be January 1981)


  • Howard is born (could be 1982)
  • October 6: Raj is born (0418)


  • Penny is born (late December)


  • Sheldon graduates from college


  • Sheldon starts working at Caltech; his first room mate leaves and Leonard moves in


  • Penny moves from Nebraska to southern California


  • Penny breaks up with Kurt and moves in across from Leonard and Sheldon

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