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Howard Joel Wolowitz, M.Eng
Howard Joel Wolowitz, M.Eng
NameHoward Joel Wolowitz, M.Eng
ActorSimon Helberg
Simon Helberg Biography
Character Profile

Wolowitz is an engineer at Caltech's Department of Applied Physics who often hangs out at Leonard's and Sheldon's apartment. Jokingly, Wolowitz has stated that both he and Koothrappali visit Leonard's and Sheldon's place because they like Leonard, not Sheldon. He designed a satellite that is currently orbiting a moon of Jupiter taking high-resolution photos and components he has built are on the ISS. He doesn't show signs of discontentment like Leonard, but rather is confident enough to try to woo Penny with his knowledge of foreign languages, of which he knows seven. Most of the languages were revealed in only the matter of one episode; in revealed order, they are French, Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, Persian and Klingon. Hitting on Penny in different tongues has become a regular occurrence; one which annoys Leonard (and Penny) greatly. Howard has also stated that Penny kept him up at night, though she was nowhere near him at the time (implying that he fantasizes about her). With his perverse overtures, Penny says that he is disgusting and often puts him in his place. In fact, she breaks his nose in season 2, episode 12 (Killer Robot Instability). He is a fan of the television show The Pick-Up Artist and is a full devotee of the [Method].

Wolowitz lives with his overbearing mother. Although he complains that she can't let go and that she guilts him into living at home, he actually prefers the arrangement, accusing her of thinking of him as a little bird who shouldn't leave the nest. She, on the other hand, wishes he would "fly already!" (0219).

Howard, unlike Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj, doesn't have a Ph.D. However, he likes pointing out that he has a master's degree in engineering. During one such declaration to his boss and friends, Dr. Gablehauser stated, "Who doesn't?"

With his friends, Howard likes performing silly experiments, such as with making a non-Newtonian fluid bounce or giving public access through the Internet to Leonard's and Sheldon's apartment lighting. Wolowitz is intensely allergic to peanuts. Howard has a bowl-style haircut and wears a brightly colored shirt along with other 1960's attire. Howard is also fond of unusual belt buckles -- they have included a Nintendo controller, a silver Batman logo, a 45 RPM record insert, a Klingon communicator and a buckle depicting the superhero the Flash. In the episode "The Lizard-Spock Expansion" his ringtone is revealed to be a polytone of Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science".

Howard feels threatened by other guys ... and clowns, loud noises, and nuns (0310).


c. 1982

  • Howard is born (he is 26 years old in March 2008) (0111)

c. 1987

  • Howard goes to kindergarten. His mother makes him wear rubber gloves so he doesn't catch germs from the other kids (0305).


  • Howard's dad leaves his mother (0317).

c. 1995

  • Howard is 14 years old and dedicates a song to Marcie Grossman at his 9th grade talent show ("Marcie Grossman is sunshine on a cloudy day...") (0212)


  • Howard is 17 years old. His mother removes the safety rail from his bed. (0223)


  • November 2 through 7 2007: Howard hooks up with Christy (0107)


  • November - Howard gets the Mars Rover stuck and hides the evidence that he was responsible. Because of being stuck where it was, the rover discovers evidence of life on Mars, but Howard can't admit that it was him who placed the rover there (0208)


  • January - Howard has a breakdown after Penny tells him off. The two of them come to an understanding (0212)
  • Beginning of March - Howard and Leslie become "friends with benefits" under the pressure of combat (during a paint ball match) (0216)
  • End of April - Leslie ends the "arrangement" with Howard, who is crushed (0221)
  • Early May - Howard's invention, a toilet for the ISS, has a minor flaw ... and the station has to be evacuated (0222)
  • October: Howard starts a relationship with Bernadette (0305). They break up the following April (0322).


Howard's father left his mother when Howard was 11 in 1993. Howard has a large extended family, including Uncle Murray (deceased) and an Aunt Barbara. Howard lost his virginity to his second cousin, Jeannie (0308). Howard's family gatherings have been compared visually to a gathering of hobbits (0317).

Notes, Facts, and Trivia

  • Howard lives with his mother ("No, my mother lives with me!") in Altadena.
  • For the space program, Howard has worked on:
  • extendible platforms to hold experiments (0103)
  • digital camera systems to take pictures of planets (0115)
  • space toilets (0206, 0222)
  • Howard has access to the control room of the Mars Rovers (0208)
  • Howard speaks five languages (0305) (six if you count Klingon). From what we can tell, those languages are Russian, Arabic, Farsi (0101), Mandarin Chinese (0117), and possibly French and Yiddish. It's also possible that instead of French (all we hear him say in that language is "bonne douche", meaning "good shower"), the fifth language he refers to is English.
  • Claims to have contacts in the defense dept. where he usually gets his surveillance 'toys' from.
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