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A language derived from German that is spoken by Jewish people all over the world. It literally translates as "Jewish" and is written in the Hebrew alphabet [1].

Howard either speaks or knows several words of the Yiddish language, such as "shiksa" (non-Jewish woman) or "kreplach" (filled dumplings). While Raj seems to know some words as well (such as kreplach), Sheldon does not (0207, 0302).

The guys play Klingon Boggle in the beginning of The Panty Pinata Polarization:

Raj: Hold on a second. Kreplach??
Howard: Yeah.
Raj: That isn't Klingon. It's yiddish for meat-filled dumpling!

Sheldon to Howard in The Jiminy Conjecture:

Raj: What happened?
Sheldon: Obviously another carnal fiasco with the 'Shiksee' goddess.
Howard: Shiksa. Shik-Sa.
Sheldon: Forgive me. Yiddish was not spoken in East Texas. And if it was, it wasn't spoken for long.
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